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Medical Edibles for Florida MMJ Patients

The Florida Department of Health has recently published basic rules that will enable dispensaries to start selling edible cannabis products to licensed medical marijuana patients In the state of Florida.

As with the smokable flower regulation update we will not see immediate results from this adjustment in the Office of Medical Marijuanas guidelines. These changes typically take effect only after the dispensaries create the products and have the labeling/packaging approved by the state. Each product must be individually approved by the OMMU office. Most dispensaries have been waiting for this so no doubt they are already submitting products for approval. We have seen first hand some of these companies edible kitchens and extraction centers, trust us when we say they are impressive. So undoubtedly they will be rushing to get their products approved for general sale.

Important things patients need to know:

  1. Each patient will be required to contact their physician to have their prescription redone to include edible selection. Please be aware, an entirely new recommendation must be created which takes time when dealing with large volumes of patients.

  2. There may or may not be a charge associated with this upgrade.

  3. A physician may choose to either agree or disagree with this method of treatment.

  4. Limits on edible purchases will be decided by each patients MMJ physician.

  5. As of now (08/27/2020) no dispensary has any available edibles, they are all waiting on submission approval and in different stages of the application process. Stay tuned for updates, for the fastest updates follow us on twitter @medclubpalmbeach


The important key notes from the Department of Health publication on edibles:

  1. edibles must not contain any color additives, bear a resemblance to commercially available candy, be decorated with icing or sprinkles or be a primary or bright color.

  2. Edibles also cannot contain meat, poultry or fish.

  3. Each dispensary must get approval from the state for each product before making any sales.

  4. The edibles must be lozenges, baked goods, gelatins, chocolates or drink powders.

  5. Multiple serving edibles must be clearly labeled and must clearly state potency, they must be easy to separate into individual dosages.

  6. Edibles must not be intently colorful or marketed to children using well known candy brands, or text/font marketing.

  7. Edibles must bear the universal symbol For edible THC/CBD

This is breaking news...

Stay tuned to our News page for updates.


Thank you

- MedClub by Dr. Jenn

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Medical Marijuana Palm Beach
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