COVID-19 OMMU Update:
Due to the infectious nature of the Covid-19 Virus; the Health Department and Florida Government have suspended the need for physical exams for those EXISTING medical Marijuana Patients who need to RENEW their recommendations. 
  • All of the same rules apply to the visit, except it can be done remotely.​
  • This DOES NOT apply to new Medical Marijuana Patients, only existing patients of MedClub.
  • Payments can be made at the end of the form or by calling our office.
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Medical Cannabis News

Z. Wilson : 03/19/2020 

Florida Health Officials stated Friday that they would be temporarily suspending the need to require OMMU patients to check in with their physicians in person in lieu of a tele-medicine visit. We will be offering tele-medicine visits to existing patients who need to come in for their 7 month (210) day renewal. Patients can use our digital form to complete the State of Florida's required permission form from home, then setup a phone consultation to renew their active certifications with Dr. Jenn. Everything about this visit is exactly the same including the price, referral credits etc. It just does not need to be in office. 

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