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Request for Exception Applications

As patients and providers we understand how confusing it can be navigating the tedious rules and regulations surrounding MMJ orders, limitations, dispensary guidelines, card expirations. certification expirations etc...

As a patient you visit the dispensary to buy a product only to get turned away simply because you took advantage of a great sale a week or two prior, which put you over the state limit. The dispensaries are understandably not well versed in explaining how you can increase these limits since they do not have access to the provider OMMU dashboard and are not doing RFE paperwork.

Each clinic has a different opinion on how this process should be done. At MedClub we have been doing this continuously since 2017, we follow the State's guidelines to the letter. We have done enough RFE applications to know it is common for the State to request additional medical documents, records, and supporting info. The State does not specifically outline which exact documents will or will not be approved, so we treat each application on a case by case basis. You may use the form below to start your RFE application process and pay the processing fee. Our office will be in touch throughout the process to guide you.


  1. Click the button to complete the RFE application and upload applicable documents

  2. After submitting the form you will get an email requesting payment, optionally you can navigate back to this page and use the link below. Processing fee is $25.

  3. Applications are typically submitted in 1 business day, we will keep you updated throughout the process.

  4. If you get denied we will notify you and if able, work with you to resubmit.

  5. Additional payments are not required for RFE Renewals.


What is an RFE?

An RFE is essentially a request made by a Physician on behalf of a patient asking the State to raise the amount of medical marijuana the patient can buy based on the medical necessity & purchase characteristics.

Why is this so strict?

The State of Florida views Medical Cannabis in a similar way to any other prescribed controlled substance. By submitting this RFE, the Physician is arguing to the State that the patient has a serious enough qualifying medical condition that warrants raising their limits above the mandated maximums set in place by the Health Department. Physicians who supply false documents, fall short of the practice act requirements, or otherwise make false claims are punishable by law s. 775.082 or s. 775.083, F.S.

Are medical records required?

Yes, It is common for the State to request medical records proving the authenticity of the request, and the claim made. We require medical records from another provider, it is common for the Health Department to request additional records that back up the information on the application, this has to come from the physician who made the original diagnosis of the condition.

How long does it take?

The State of Floridas Health Department typically takes 1-2 weeks to issue either an Approval or Denial based on the info we supply to them. The timing really depends on how busy the OMMU processing center is.

Can I still go to dispensaries while my application is pending?

Not for the category you are requesting an increase in. For example; say you are requesting an increase in the Smokable Flower catagory, then you can still purchase Edibles as normal but not Flower. Once the application is submitted for a category increase, the daily milligrams in that category will go into a Pending status until the OMMU finishes their review.

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