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Florida removes legislative ban on "Smokable" Medical Marijuana Flower/Bud.

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"'Inhalation is a medically effective and efficient way to deliver Tetrahydrocannabinol [THC], and other cannabinoids, to the bloodstream,' wrote Morgan and his lead lawyer, Jon Mills, a constitutional lawyer and former Democratic House speaker, on behalf of Florida for Care Inc., the non-profit formed to promote the initiative," (Miami-herald)



So what's this all about?

In Florida Amendment 2 allows for the sale and use of medicinal cannabis to patients in need. The cannabis products can be purchased from a legally approved marijuana dispensary anywhere in the state of Florida. The problem was, former govornor Rick Scott had appealed the bill to create a clause in which you could not purchase the actual flower or buds of the plant to be smoked or vaporized.



The new governor Ron DeSantis has just announced he will not be upholding his predeccesors appeal therefore cancelling out the ban on flower in the state. Way to go Mr. DeSantis!


Why Flower?

We here at MedClub® cannot speak for everyone but plenty of the patients we see here at our clinic can greatly benefit from this addition to the product lists. Until now the state has only approved vaporizer cartridges filled with cannabis extracted oil, RSO oils, topical creams, nasal sprays, oral tinctures, and concentrates. There was flower pre packaged into cartridges meant for a $600 tabletop vaporizer that was too complex and much too expensive for the average patients to obtain. We see many patients with glaucoma, and they specifically benefit from the flower or buds of the plant, to lower the eye pressure flower is the ONLY thing that really brings down the numbers effectively. The vaporizers contain THC but the effect is not the same apparently, the "entourage effect" produced by leaving the plant fully intact before consumption proves to be more medically beneficial than anything else.


The Black Market

What will happen to the large black market of marijuana being sold on the streets here in the state of Florida? This is a question on the minds of many people who live in the local area. In most states where marijuana is medically accessible or recreationally available, the black market has to either become legitimate, growers have to submit their products to the states testing agency to ensure no harmful chemicals or pesticides have been used, and the plant is 100% safe for the buyers. The price usually self regulates after a short adjustment period and undercuts the black market price of the plant, effectively destabilizing the market. The mom and pop size growers who can afford to pay the state for licensing and inspections will effectively transfer to legitimate marijuana farms. The growers who decide to continue operating without the governments consent are still pursued by law enforcement and cannot usually keep up with the lower prices and higher quality standards that everyone adopts. We will just have to wait and see how the state hands down the regulation before passing judgment ( ;


As always...

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