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We visited the brand new Trulieve dispensary location in Boynton Beach!

Dr. Jenn and myself took a trip to Boynton Beaches newest addition to the dispensary market, how exciting!



A brand new dispensary has just been built in Boynton Beach, Florida. It is owned and operated by none other than Trulieve! Which is great because this is one of our favorite companies in the Florida Medical Marijuana industry.


Trulieve has been advancing the field of medical marijuana constantly since the beginning and never ceases to amaze us with all the new products they bring to the market every month. It almost seems like other companies wait for Trulieve to come out with a product before they start doing it themselves. No one else is doing more to bring patients full spectrum entourage enhancing products like Trulieve. We obviously cannot tell our patients to go here or there, but we are allowed to share our personal experience with each company and we have not really had many poor experiences with any of them but we like to report on the supremely positive encounters we have.


The Dispensary in Boynton Beach is very large, it wasn't officially open for business but they were nice enough to let us in and show us around the space. The first impression was the overwhelming hospitality of the employees, and sheer number of helpful staff. Why do we care that this place has a ton of people hard at work? Well, the fact is that our biggest complaint from patients when going to and fro searching for that one perfect product that gives them the most benefit is time spent in waiting areas of dispensaries, they always say "It was nice, I got what I needed but I waited for an hour or more to be seen" so having a bunch of hands on deck is going to really speed the process up.

Secondly the atmosphere was very nice, wood floors, lots of white and the traditional Trulieve color scheme, the space was immaculately clean and sterile which is what you would expect from a place that handles your medication. We like the ordering screens that showcase products and availability, this helps to keep the ordering process flowing smoothly, has the feel of a Colorado style dispensary where the ordering process feels like a trendy coffee house instead of a pharmacy.


All in all we would say take a trip to this dispensary in Boynton Beach, they are in the Home Depot shopping plaza at 1534 SW 8th StreetBoynton Beach, FL 33426.

Very convienent location, pretty central for most of our patients. We will be on the lookout for any other dispensaries opening in the West Palm Beach area in the coming months, and you can be sure we will bring you the honest review first.

Thank you to all our readers and patients.

If you still have not become a medical marijuana card holder in Florida and are interested in this type of all natural therapy please give us a call:

Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm at 833-FL-GREEN or come by our office in beautiful Downtown West Palm Beach and meet Dr. Jenn!

As always,


-The MedClub Team

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