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New Delivery Methods available for Medical Marijuana in Florida

Firstly a little overview of how the prescription process works with medical marijuana, medical cannabis, and Low-THC Cannabis in the state of Florida for all of you who do not yet have your medical marijuana card.

How it used to work:

After the patient was finished with the registration process the doctor could add two "routes of delivery" which included a set amount of milligrams for each delivery method. For example a prescription or standing order would look like this:

1. Low THC Cannabis - Sublingual - 5000mg

2. Medical Cannabis - Inhalation - 5000mg

These are both routes of administration. If a patient wanted to try a topical cream or transdermal patch for instance they would have to contact their doctors office, and have one of the existing routes of delivery swapped with topical. Very inconvenient and a little silly as well.

How it works now:

The physician can write any routes of delivery they think are appropriate. There is no limit to the different kinds or classes, and no need for the patient to have to call anytime they want to try out a product not inside the class they are prescribed. Medical Marijuana products work very differently on a wide range of patients. Some people find the topical a life saver such as arthritis patients while still others with the same symptoms find that the topical does absolutely nothing for them, but instead benefit from a systemic sublingual oil. So it is intensely personal and takes a month or two in the beginning of a kind of "marijuana product trial and error" period while they are trying to find the product that works best for them.

New Delivery methods are as follows:

Inhalation (Vaporizers, flower, volcano pods, nasal spray)

Topical (Transdermal patches, creams, lotions)

Oral (Capsules, oils, tinctures, concentrate syringes, oral sprays)

Sublingual (Sublingual drops, nano emulsified drops)

Rectal (Suppositories)

We do not yet have actual "buds" or flower as well call them, in free form, this is to say you cannot purchase a jar or pre rolled marijuana cigarette yet, but the law was ruled in favor of patients being allowed to purchase the raw plant and grow their own, but the state is taking their time ironing out the details with packaging, safety concerns, childproofing, and other various stipulations. When this changes we will be the first to let our subscribers know. Join our newsletter for all the updates.

Thanks Florida!

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