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Dr. Jenn in the Palm Beach News talking about the new Flower Law and John Morgan

Thanks to Dr. Jenn for her continued exploration into the fringe edges of medicine we can help even more patients find the relief they need to live happier lives. There is much to be discovored when talking about medical cannabis in Florida. We have barely scratched the surface of terpenes, strains, indica vs. sativa, the entourage effect and many more sub categories that make up this wonderful medicine. We are doing our very best each day to continue to grow our practice and absorb knowledge that can be passed to each one of our patients in a functional constructive way. If you are suffering we hope you will walk with us and together we can all do our best to do the necessary research needed to expand this industry and help anyone in need. Our research is greatly improved by patient feedback so if you are a patient of ours please email your experiences, we would love to add them to the collection of information to further our cause.



Dr. Jenn

Medical Director

MedClub® West Palm Beach

Jennifer Guthrie R.N, M.D.

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