Looking for a Dispensary in Florida? Official Dispensary List Review

Here is our review of Floridas Medical Cannabis Dispensary list.

*Please note there are new companies, and products coming out all the time so we will update this list whenever we can but please forgive us if we miss some new information.

Last Update: (October 12th, 2018)

(Not in any specific order)

1.) Surterra

I have been very impressed with this companies structure, their products and their staff. They are growing very fast and the representatives have been very helpful in aiding physicians with dosage and product recommendation. They are focused on producing perfect terpene blends, and specific strains through Floridas Finest who first produced Myakka Gold with a variable air flow cartridge.

This dispensary does not have any West Palm Beach locations yet but the delivery option was very simple and timely.

2.) Trulieve

This dispensary has really been the frontrunner in Florida, they have the widest array of products and you can really see how they have diversified their collection across all methods of delivery. The Rescue Nasal Spray for epileptics and the syringe based dab devices are sure to be big sellers in the state. They also have more choices for patients with glaucoma who need the flower than anyone else right now. The Boynton Beach location is open now. The delivery process is very simple and timely and costs $25 if you prefer that. They also have 3.5g flower pods, and a very potent shatter.