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Looking for a Dispensary in Florida? Official Dispensary List Review

Here is our review of Floridas Medical Cannabis Dispensary list.

*Please note there are new companies, and products coming out all the time so we will update this list whenever we can but please forgive us if we miss some new information.

Last Update: (October 12th, 2018)

(Not in any specific order)


I have been very impressed with this companies structure, their products and their staff. They are growing very fast and the representatives have been very helpful in aiding physicians with dosage and product recommendation. They are focused on producing perfect terpene blends, and specific strains through Floridas Finest who first produced Myakka Gold with a variable air flow cartridge.

This dispensary does not have any West Palm Beach locations yet but the delivery option was very simple and timely.


This dispensary has really been the frontrunner in Florida, they have the widest array of products and you can really see how they have diversified their collection across all methods of delivery. The Rescue Nasal Spray for epileptics and the syringe based dab devices are sure to be big sellers in the state. They also have more choices for patients with glaucoma who need the flower than anyone else right now. The Boynton Beach location is open now. The delivery process is very simple and timely and costs $25 if you prefer that. They also have 3.5g flower pods, and a very potent shatter.


This dispensary was the first to open in our town, the facility is very clean, brightly lit and the staff very welcoming. The knowledge base of the staff was very impressive and ordering felt more like being helped than getting sold a product. The products, while somewhat limited in available sizes and flavors, are very high quality and readily available. The wait time was much less than most other local dispensaries. They rename their strains but it's easy enough to figure out, the products and packaging are also very classy. They have a Lake Worth dispensary location.


This was the second marijuana treatment center I noticed in West Palm Beach, Specifically in Lake Worth. The atmosphere is very fun, the products are widely varied so there is something for everybody. The $15 disposable vaporizers in many flavors have been a huge success. The staff is very friendly and helpful, the only downside is the wait time at the brick and mortar location, but they make up for it with free home delivery.

They have a Lake Worth dispensary location.


This company I do not know much about, we have not been contacted by their representatives and only have been shipped a packet of brochures. They are now open in a few locations around florida. The product line includes disposable vapes, cartridges, capsules, tinctures, topical, and concentrates. This company is somehow related to Liberty Health Sciences in Florida. I will say however I found their blog to be very interesting and full of good information about cooking with cannabis and other great topics. They have a Deerfield location currently.


This dispensary has just opened in Florida, the product line is incoming as we speak. The products include topical, oral solutions, cartridges for vaporizers, tinctures, and concentrates. They also have Stanley Brothers products including Charlottes Webb and other trademark product lines. We have not had the opportunity to test any of the products and most of the online ordering is not available just yet. They have a Deerfield location which is open now.


Grow Healthy is a newer Florida dispensary but that hasn't held them back from making a strong impression in our community. They do not have any local shops yet but their Free Next-Day delivery process is second to none. You can even track the driver just like an Uber. It's very convenient and the products are very high quality. Keep in mind they measure the products in 1/4 grams, 1/2 grams and full gram concentrations which is common in Colorado dispensaries but not so much in Florida so don't let that throw you off. We have tried the 1:1 Tincture and a few of the vapes and found all of them to be tasty and effective. They offer veterans discount code: (GHVETERANS20) low income discounts, and a $75 off first time patient discount.

As of this moment we have not found any other operational dispensaries in Florida, if you own an operational dispensary in Florida and would like to be added to this list please send a representative to our office with information and we would be happy to do a review.

Thank you to all our readers, we hope you found this helpful.

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Medical Marijuana Palm Beach
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