Credit Card Processing for Medical Marijuana

Call 1-833-44-GREEN for all the information.

Yes credit card, and debit card processing is possible for Medical Marijuana dispensaries, doctors offices, treatment centers, growers, and affiliate companies. Table top units, online transactions, ATM machines, and pin pad POS systems. MedClub® The Green Processors, have found the perfect way to create fiscal momentum, and increase customer spending by taking credit cards online, and in brick and mortar locations without the use of silly gateways, green dot cards, and other ACH based, frustrating systems. Customers spend 60% more when they are able to make a simple credit or debit purchase at the counter, if you are not taking cards at your store you are literally missing money. We have gotten around all the red tape, we make it easy and keep everyone in the Green. You can simply let your customers swipe, chip, or tap and you get paid. Offices in Florida, and California.

Call 1-833-44-GREEN for all the information.

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