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Some cities in Palm Beach County welcome medical marijuana, while some still hesitant.

Palm Beach County

Medical Cannabis News

Z. Wilson : 10/22/2017 : 10:14AM

Forms of Medical Marijuana Oil

Since the beginning of the month, moratoriums have been deciding how to proceed with this new issue: How to implement the new laws about medical marijuana in West Palm Beach. Some cities seem to be on board, while others are fighting hard to ban dispensaries in their neighborhoods. County officials have stated recently that they do not want to directly appose the Florida voters; who have been very vocal in their support of medicinal cannabis. The neighborhoods think dispensaries are going to be selling marijuana in little baggies like a drug deal on the street. This is a concern brought up by many of the local home owners associations, they have seen the opioid crisis in full swing; they are afraid that this is just adding to the drug problem. "I know there are serious medical benefits from this" said Commisioner Michael Udine. We have spoken to seniors and there pleas have been overwhelming, they know this course of action works, with less side effects than the pharmaceutical options they currently have. The dispensaries will not be selling marijuana in bags here in West Palm Beach, the medical marijuana is not even allowed to be smoked. The most popular, and most effective delivery method is an oral tincture, not much different from taking popular forms of vitamin-C and other vitamins. The sublingual versions are followed closely by a cream or gel that can be applied to areas of inflammation to help with pain. They are directly meant for people who actually need them. These forms of delivery are not popular with people who want to "just get high" because they are engineered to have a very certain effect on the body, not at all like smoking marijuana. They are intended and engineered for treatment purposes, and the extractors have done a wonderful job of this. Currently there are about 150 doctors in the tri-county area who can legally prescribe low-THC medical marijuana and CBD rich extracts, but it is unclear how many physicians are actually prescribing this therapy. Lake Worth, and Boynton Beach are among the first cities to welcome this new bill with enthusiasm. At MedClub Medical Marijuana of Palm Beach they are combing these new therapy options with platelet rich plasma, stem cell treatments, and other functional health modalities to maximize their patients success rate. "We have seen amazing results through the combination of new therapies, and we continue to broaden our medical scope to help more people" says medical director Jennifer Guthrie, M.D. of MedClub.

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