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Renewing MMJ Certifications via TeleMedicine in Florida

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

UPDATE: 6/7/2022 - The Florida Department of Health & Office of Medical Marijuana Use has Re-Instated the requirement that all medical marijuana patients be seen in person every 210 days by their prescribing physician. No Telemedicine Renewals will be allowed after October 2021. Since we are well into 2022, if you went through an online referral company or tele-health MMJ service your recommendations for cannabis will probably not be active, or able to be renewed. At MedClub® this has caused a recent influx of new patients looking to transfer their MMJ Accounts to us. We are currently taking new patients, and are typically able to handle patient transfers on a same day or next day basis. If you are a patient and find yourself in this situation, please don't hesitate to give us a call @ 561-214-3323

We are open Monday through Friday from 9:30AM-5:30PM

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Original Post:

Florida Health Officials stated Friday that they would be temporarily suspending the need to require OMMU patients to check in with their physicians in person in lieu of a tele-medicine visit. We will be offering tele-medicine visits to existing patients who need to come in for their 7 month (210) day renewal. Patients can use our digital form to complete the State of Florida's required permission form from home, then setup a phone consultation to renew their active certifications with Dr. Jenn.



Update: 8/22/2020

The state of Florida’s health department and the office of medical marijuana use has temporarily suspended the Need for in office physician visits for renewals of medical cannabis recommendations. This update has been extended every month since April 2020. We will keep our patients updated since the governors office has made updates on a monthly basis. As of this date (08/22/2020) the state legislature and OMMU currently has lifted all prohibitions on tele-medicine renewals for the state of Florida UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep our patients up to date of any new news or press releases concerning office visits and medical cannabis. As of now you DO NOT need to visit a physicians office in person for this service. You are however required to do a few things that will ultimately keep you in good legal standing:

  1. Contact your physician to be sure they offer tele-medicine OMMU verified renewals

  2. Fill out the online consent form which should include the OMMU Consent

  3. Verify a Re-Captcha Certified HIPPA Signature which should be attached to the form

  4. Payment can be made online or by phone

  5. Your physician can handle all back end recertifications after checking with E-Force

  6. All of your certifications should be checked on the OMMU website before purchasing

  7. It is a good idea to call your MD and make sure the process was done before shopping

  8. If you have had any side effects, or added new medications please disclose this to your physician.


We will keep this news article updated on a weekly basis as the state of Florida’s medical marijuana board Releases new guidelines. We hope this helps shine some light on the current landscape of medical cannabis for FloridIan’s. As always, if you need to get registered for your MMJ card MedClub has been helping patients obtain legal cannabis products since 2015. We are Palm Beach Counties oldest trusted cannabis physician service. We have 5000+ satisfied patients, come join the Club!

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